Pier Specs

Typical Pier Specifications

When comparing quotes for your pier, it is important to fully understand what quality of materials the contractor is proposing to use. A proposal that is $1,000 cheaper may easily contain $4,000 – $5,000 less material, which means you’re getting significantly less pier for your money. Shown below are the typical material specifications used in all our pier construction. If you choose to have us quote your project, we will clearly spell out all of the material specifications for your specific project.

Driven Piling:
Minimum 12″ Butt, Southern Yellow Pine, CCA treated to 2.5 lbs/cft

Pinned Piling:
Customer Preference: Either 12″ Butt, Southern Yellow Pine, or 10″ x 10″ Southern Yellow Pine, CCA treated to 2.5 lbs/cft

Pile Cap:
12″ x 12″ Southern Yellow Pine, CCA treated to 2.5 lbs/cft

Cross Bracing:
3″ x 8″ Southern Yellow Pine, CCA treated to 2.5 lbs/cft

We custom fabricate many of our angle brackets and pile brackets, and all are hot dip galvanized after fabrication. All fasteners will be a minimum of 3/4″ hot dip galvanized.

Minimum 1″ diameter hot dip galvanized all thread rod, epoxy anchored a minimum of 12″ into solid ledge.

Minimum 3″ x 12″, in many cases, we try to maximize spacing on our piles to minimize the amount of wood and obstructions in the water. In cases where pile spacing exceeds 20′, we will use a 5″ x 15″ glue laminated stringer. In several cases, we have also used aluminum or steel pier sections. We would be happy to quote all of these options.

Timber decking will be a minimum 2″ x 8″, we will gladly quote any variety of composite decking or tropical hardwood decking.

Our typical handrail construction consists of 4″ x 6″ posts, with 2″ x 6″ side rails and hand rails.